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CHR Defends Human Rights of M-urder Suspect of Church Collector Slay

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Region 7 reminded the authorities and the public that the suspects behind the slaying of the grade 9 student Christine Silawan could still invoke their rights once they caught.

Lawyer Arvin Odron, director of CHR-7 said that he understands the reaction of the public especially after they saw what happened to the face of Christine Silawan who allegedly victimized by shabu users.

Odron pointed out that the three suspects who were still being hunted by the members of Philippine National Police (PNP) cannot face capital punishment.

We don’t want to annoy the people. We’re sorry, but we cannot let them face capital punishment because it already been outlawed since 2006,” Odron said.
According to him, the only possible punishments for the suspects is reclusion perpetua or lifetime incarceration.

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CHR-7 said that they’re willing to help the authorities to find the suspects quickly, however, they would also monitor the PNP and NBI to protect the human rights of the accused.

They also reminded the authorities to capture the right person and avoid picking the innocent once just to close the case quickly.

Meanwhile, Gabriela Women’s Party was worried that the government might use the case of Silawan to bring back capital punishment in the country.

“We strongly condemn this monstrous act as we join calls for a thorough investigation so that justice may be attained. We are however wary that this death is now being used to push for the reimposition of the capital punishment,” the party said.

The case of Silawan who’s a church-server revived the calls of the people to revive the capital punishment in the country.

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According to the authorities, the suspects might be possible shabu users.

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Source: Cebu Daily News


  1. Why these affiliated with the cpp-npa group afraid of death penalty?
    What a deceiving evil group,you pretend to help but you protect the criminals? Means you're the sanctuary of criminals that's why you're afraid to death penalty.

  2. If the country citizen demand why would the hell this deparments of idiotness is messing with the citizen who are paying for their salary...


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