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Netizens demand Death Penalty for ‘Monsters’ who K!IIed, Rap3d & Sk!nned Face of 16-year-old Church Collector in Cebu

A body of a 16-year-old girl who was a church collector was found after her face was skinned, raped then killed in Cebu.

According to Cebu Daily News, the Lapu-Lapu City Police Office (LLCPO) revealed that they are now looking for three suspected drug users in the slay of 16-year-old Christine Silawan, who was found dead with her face skinned on Monday morning, March 11, 2019.

Photo: Debs Bancale/Facebook

According to Senior Superintendent Lemuel Obon, the chief of LLCPO, a witness claimed that three persons killed the girl in the empty 2 hectare lot in Barangay Bangkal in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

Obon said that according to the witness, one of the suspects held down the girl, the other stabbed her, and the third skinned her face.

Photo: Jayboy D. Donaire/Facebook

However, Obon said that nobody heard the girl’s cries even among the surrounding houses, which were at least 300 meters away from the crime scene.

He said that they are leaning on rape as the motive of the killing.

Photo: Debs Bancale/Facebook

“Kini wala ni gibuhat sa tarong nga tawo. Most likely, drug addicts gyod ni sila kay brutal kaayo nga pagkapatay,” Obon told Cebu Daily News Digital on a phone interview.

[Translation: "This wasn't done by a person who was in their right mind. Most likely, drug addicts who did this based on the brutality of her death"]

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Obon said that he is closely monitoring the case since the this kind of killing is a first in the city.

They are now checking the closed-circuit television (CCTV) of the Sacred Heart Parish Church in Barangay Pajac, where the girl was last seen serving as a collector for the 6 p.m. Sunday Mass.

Photo: Jayboy D. Donaire/Facebook

Obon said that the girl was seen eating balut with a fellow church collector in the CCTV before her disappearance.

The secretary of the parish, Rosana Rondina, said that Christine was last seen with an altar boy before going home.

Photo: Jayboy D. Donaire/Facebook

The altar boy told her to wait outside the church as he went to the toilet. When the altar boy came back, Christine was already gone.

Rondina said that the altar boy assumed Christine went home on her own.

Photo: Jayboy D. Donaire/Facebook

Obon said that Christine’s mother told them she was not worried at first because her daughter had a history of sleeping over at her friends’ homes.

But when she heard the news of a girl killed in the area, she went to look for her daughter.

She found out it was her daughter when she went to check on the body at around 9 a.m. at the funeral parlor. She positively identified the girl’s body to the police.

Photo: Jayboy D. Donaire/Facebook

Obon said that the LLCPO needs the help of the community to find the suspects.

“Dapat kita tanan maglagot ani. Dapat kita tanan magtinabangay og pangita aning mga kriminal,” said Obon. (With a report from Paul Lauro)

[Translation: We should be angry by this. We should all help each other to look for these criminals."]

Netizens Demand Death Penalty

Netizens are calling for the imposition of death penalty against whoever raped, killed, and skinned the face of a Grade 9 student from Lapu-Lapu City.

Curious of what may have prompted the killing, several netizens visited the Facebook page of Christine Lee Silawan to look at her profile picture and post their condolences on her timeline.

Photo: Christine Silawan/Facebook

As of 3 p.m. today, at least 426 individuals left their comments to either express their condolences to Silawan’s family or call for the imposition of the death penalty on whoever is behind her brutal killing.

“Death penalty sa nag buhat ani,” said Mark Flores.
[Translation: "Death penalty to who did this"]

“Sana makamit mo ang justice. Sana death penalty ang mangyri,” commented Che Rei Anog.
[Translation: "Hopefully, there will be justice. Hopefully, it will be death penalty."]

“Rest in Peace. Pagkalooy niya. P.I., mga demonyo, unta masakpan dayon aron matagaan ug hustisya ning bataa,” posted Bonbon Jordan.
[Translation: "Rest in Peace. Feel sadness, Philippines. Those demons should be caught and will be given justice for the child."]

Others have expressed anger on how the still unidentified “monsters” killed Silawan.

Silawan opened her FB account on October 2018. She posted on her page that she is an animal lover and is part of the Collectors Ministry.

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Source: Cebu Daily News, Facebook


  1. Rest in peace....dpat ipatupad n ang penalty s mga rapist bkit nila binabawalan magdusa ang mga gnitong klaseng tao..sana mkamtan mo ang hustisya condolence to her family

  2. Parents of all 3 rapists/killers must be sentenced to death as well for having produced monsters like them. Parents must be held accountable for the behaviour of their children because it is their genes and also the failure of their parental responsibility Parents should be executed in front of the rapists/killers before the latter are executed the same way they killed the victim.

  3. Someone should have at least covered this girl’s body and not left her exposed naked to the viewing public. Also, the photos are too gruesome to publish as is. A little more responsive and sensitive editing is called for here, please?

    1. Yes at least have some respect to the deceased...condolence to the family n sad to see and hear what is happening to her...may Allah bless her and rest in peace ��
      Hope the 'animal'who did this will get severe punishment ..��

  4. Feel very sad for the girl, cant imagine how she cried and begged for her life. Shame on the criminals who did this. President Duterte, please by all means neccessary, bring back the DEATH PENALTY. Those who did these deserves to be burned alive!!!

  5. mga taga CHR ngayon kayo lumabas at mag-ingay at protesta!

  6. Magpabukal ko ug dakong kawa ug akong putlan ug atubangan ang mga rapist aning bata...asinan naku ang ilang kinatawo...pag kumukulo na ang kawa na May oil, e prito ko cla isa isa , pag malutong na ako na ipakaon sa mga askal...pagabuhaton ni sa semana santa

  7. Leave ur mobile number for info, I will pay u para e pa salvage nalang ning ga rape aning bataa...she deserves urgent justice..:May ng d natu e agi hostisya ning kalakiha...pakan on pa sa gobyerno ning mga minatay nga rapist. wala cla gahuna Huna ilang inahan babaye ug ang ilang igsuon babaye...ang kaugmaon ani bataa taas pa unta gui daut lang sa mga animal. Apilon sAd ug patay ilang guinikanan kay nganong nanganak aning mga minatay nga mga rapist daw Murag mga monster.

  8. ...grabe naman yang pangyayare nayan ! nakakapangilabot . sana mailabas sa lahat ng news sa TV yan . rest in peace girl yaan muh si lord na bahala sa mga gumawa nyan sau .,

  9. Death penalty must be implement in our country now...
    Kawawa lng yung mga inosenteng biktima tulad nito....
    Saan na ang nga walang hiyang CHR ngaun
    Bat d kayo mgsilabasan
    Panay kau batikos ky digong pero kung my ganitong ngyayari tahimik kau.😤😤😤😤😤

  10. Kanang opon gabaha kaayo diha ang shabu ambot kung ngano wapa mana kaayo malimpyohi. Mao nang sa opon daghan kaayong mga addict diha nga possible maoy gabuhat anang butanga. Mr. President Duterte, please fast track Mactan islands war against drug ug kung pwede lang ilisi ang mga kapulisan nga naa diha aron walay bias nga drug campaign ang mahitabo dinha. Basin dili pa lang ni mao ray mahitabo dinhang lugara. Daghan pay mabiktima aning druga diha sa Mactan idland in general....simbako lang hinaut dili unta.

  11. This crime is one of the most hideous of all times. The perpetrators are inhuman and have a grotesque attitude and character. I'd say they should be skinned alive and then hanged so they die a slow death. I am sorry to describe such punishment but whatever one's perceptions might be, no one can deny that the criminals, after being proven guilty beyond doubt, fully deserve such a punishment.


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