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Man with ₱1-Million donation to KAPA dies of heart attack while waiting for "blessing"

A 76-year-old man from Polomolok, South Cotabato suffered a heart attack and died after learning that President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the closure of Kapa-Community Ministry International Inc. (Kapa).

Ambrose Alojado, a public elementary school teacher, said his father, Percival, had been a proud member of Kapa  with a start-up donation of ₱400,000 since January this year.

He said the amount has been earning “blessings” every month ever since and had reached more than P1 million as of June 8, the eve of the crackdown by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on all Kapa outlets.

He said his father “donated” his growing investment to his children and grandchildren.

“My father pawned our farm lot for ₱400,000 and used it to join Kapa in January this year,” Ambrose said. “After a month, he was supposed to start receiving the so-called “blessing” but opted to donate more in the names of his seven children and grandchildren.”

“He donated ₱150,000 in my name, but I have yet to receive the “blessing” or “payout” or “love gift,” Ambrose said in an interview.

In between sobs, Ambrose appealed to President Duterte to allow the resumption of Kapa’s operation “so we can recover our money.”

News about Kapa members committing suicide or dying after the government ordered the closure of the investment scheme have circulated on social media, but this is the first confirmed case of death triggered by the Kapa controversy.

No less than President Duterte ordered the closure of Kapa and the arrest of its founder Pastor Joel Apolinario he described as “con man.”

Radio stations owned by Kapa Ministry International have also stopped operation since the raids but its media arm continued on social media.

In a statement aired through Kapa Media, Pastor Apolinario appealed to President Duterte to allow the resumption of Kapa and lift the freeze order on all its assets and properties.

“Have mercy, my beloved President, I have more than 5,000 employees in my various investments like a banana plantation, fishing firms, gas station, school, and hospital, please unfreeze my assets,” said Apolinario, who is now at large.

Danilo Mangahas, Kapa member and chair of Ahon sa Kahirapan Ministry, a ministry under Pastor Apolinario, said Kapa lawyers are now preparing a position paper to be submitted to the Supreme Court.

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“This is our way to convince the High Court to order the government to unfreeze all Kapa assets, businesses, and investments,” Mangahas said in a statement released by Kapa Media. Mangahas denied that Kapa is an investment scam.

“It has been a week, but no one has come forward to file a case against Kapa or our founder Pastor Apolinario,” he said. “There is no single case against Kapa, and it has not violated any law in the country.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Apolinario called on its members to join the simultaneous prayer rallies in areas where there are Kapa offices across the country.

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“To all my followers, I am begging you to please participate in our synchronized prayer rally on June 20, Thursday,” Apolinario said in a video message.

He also told his followers that he is in hiding because of threats to his life.

On Tuesday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed criminal raps against Apolinario and Kapa Ministry International.

The government is hunting Apolinario, his wife Reyna, and people in his inner circle.

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This article first appeared on Cebu Daily News.

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