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WATCH | Filipino Scientist Invents Bioplastic made out of Mango Peels & Seaweed

A Cebuano researcher is elevating the science of bioplastics by using materials that are readily available in the country – mango peels and seaweed.

Denxybel Montinola, 23, a research intern in the Institute of Biological Chemistry at the Academia Sinica, Taiwan, is responsible for this new innovation.

A graduate of Bachelor in Science in Applied Physics of the University of San Carlos (USC), Montinola is showcasing his bioplastic invention in the 2019 DOST-BPI Science Awards competition on August 1 and 2.

“[This] bioplastic is created using components called pectin and carrageenan, which are derived from mango peels and seaweed,” said Montinola. He adds that this bioplastic is “more robust and flexible,” and can mimic the mechanical strength of conventional plastic.

Environment-friendly Plastic from Readily-available Resources

Montinola explains that he chose mango peelings and seaweed to create bioplastic because these are readily available in the Philippines.

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He adds that since we are one of the leading exporters of both mangos and seaweed, he thought of maximizing the abundance of this natural resource.

“I learned this bioplastic concept when I was just scrolling on Facebook and saw a viral video in which a guy created a bioplastic out of seaweed. And I thought to myself what if I will use my scientific tools and knowledge in Biophysics to recreate his invention and take [it] up a notch higher,” said Montinola.

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Completely Biodegradable, and has Multiple Uses

The benefit of bioplastics is that it completely dissolves in water without releasing toxic chemicals, and it does not disintegrate into micro plastics that could harm the environment.

Traditional plastic usually takes centuries to decompose.

In addition, he reveals that on top of creating bioplastic, this innovation has other uses.

“Not only we can make a bioplastic out of it, but we can also create a tissue scaffold that protects the burned area of our skin for example, or stop local bleeding,” said Montinola.

Pinoys leading in innovation and research

This story comes on the heels of another Filipino making waves in the field of science.

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Just a few days ago, Dr. Gisela Concepcion made the news as a scientist hoping to discover a cure for cancer down in the depths of Philippine seas.

Another inventor who’s made a lasting mark in local innovation is Jayme Navarro, who discovered how to convert plastic trash into usable fuel.


Montinola’s ingenious invention makes us think: who would’ve thought that mango and seaweed would make such a winning combination?

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