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Mayor Isko Moreno Vows to Unite with National Government: “We have only one republic led by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte”

Mayor Isko Moreno thanked the agencies of the national government for helping him in his mission to bring back Manila City to the top spot among the cities in the Philippines.

According to him, he heard that the national government is planning to support the reforms of Moreno who’s known for his strict leadership.

“Salamat sa national government, basta kami hindi tatangi sa tulong ninyo… marami akong napapabalita ngayon na paparating na tulong sa siyudad,” said Moreno.

To return the favor Moreno vowed that he would unite the City of Manila and the National Government.

The Manila Mayor said that before, the capital city is known for having its own republic and not cooperating with the national government.

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“In return, we will continue to reintegrate Manila to the national government, muli kong panawagan sa mga national agency wala na pong republic of Manila nowadays… There is only one republic, the republic of the Philippines led by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte,” he said.

“Manila is just one of 1,600 municipalities and cities all over the country, it just so happens that we are the capital, other than that wala na,” he added.

He then said that all national agencies are welcome to Manila to send their help to the city government.

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“Tulungan ninyo ako, tulungan ninyo kami sa mga pagawaing bayan na kakailanganin ng lungsod ng Maynila,” said Moreno.

Aside from the government, he also asked the Manilenyos to help him to make his plans happen.


He also mentioned that Manila City got a very low rank among the cities in the Philippines.

“Gusto niyo bang maging number one tayo ulit? sa ibabaw ha hindi sa ilalim… hindi ko po kayang mag isa yun, basta ako I’ll do my best… I’ll use all my energy, ideas and concepts towards a better direction, but I cannot do that alone, kailangan ko po ang tulong ninyong lahat,” he said.

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