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MUST WATCH: Mayor Isko Moreno Narrates Good Life During Marcos Period

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno showed once and for all that he is an avid fan of the late President Ferdinand Marcos as he narrates the good life his family experienced during the Marcos period.

This is not the first time that Mayor Isko Moreno speak up on idolizing former Pres. Marcos and even copying Marcos leadership style.

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According to the Manila City Mayor during his weekly capital report, during the Marcos administration, there's also a free cinema every Sunday in Luneta Park. The statement of Moreno was released to the public during one of his project for the Manila Tourism and Cultural Affairs Bureau (MTCAP).

The MTCAP Cine Kartilya is one of Mayor Isko's project, a ree cinema that he visited every week during his younger years and now being copied by his administration as part of Manila's cultural activities.

Mayor Isko Moreno was quoted as saying "Noong araw noong bata ako pagka linggo dinadala ako ng tatay ko, kinakarga ako sa balikat sumula Tondo maglalakad kami hanggang Delpan bridge papuntang Luneta,” Moreno said.

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“Kasi pag linggo noong araw, mayroong pa sine ang gobyerno noong pamahalaan ni dating Pangulong Marcos, doon kami lahat sa luneta, yung yung sinasabi namin sa inyo na gumugulong gulong sa damuhan, may malaking malaking sine, libre,” he added.

“Kasi ito personal experience ko, itanong ninyo sa nanay niyo, sa lola ninyo…”

Mayor Isko Moreno also revealed during his latest capital report that he also experienced being an illegal settler in Tondo, but his life during the Marcos era are different than the present, because it's fine to live in a poor community as long as the government is trying to take care of their security.

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The former celebrity-turned-politician bowed to bring back law and order in the infamous Baseco Compound in Tondo, a place which is known in the entire country for being the hideout of bad elements in Manila.


The Mayor reiterated his claims that bad elements only got two choices, leave Manila or stop their bad activities.

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