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Duterte rescued Marjorie from Atong’s wrath: ‘The President was holding me. ’Pag safe si Presidente, safe ako

Celebrity Marjorie Barretto claimed that President Rodrigo Duterte came to her rescue in the face of what she claimed as an attack from gambling lord Atong Ang during the wake of his father.

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Barretto gave clarity to the role played by President during the coffin catfight with her sister, Gretchen, who she claimed was the girlfriend of Ang.

In an interview with TV Patrol, Marjorie accused Ang of trying to forcefully grab her after she asked why he had to gatecrash his father’s wake and arrogantly demand that her fathers’ grandchildren, including Nicole who was Ang’s girlfriend for five years.

Marjorie claimed that Ang barged into the wake just when Duterte was urging her and Gretchen to reconcile.

“‘Bakit ba siya nandito?’ Nagalit! So aakma si Atong . . . That’s when the PSG (Presidential Security Group)cordoned . . . Because the President was holding me. ’Pag safe si Presidente, safe ako,” Marjorie said.

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Marjorie was profuse with her praise for the gallantry of Duterte. “First of all, I am very grateful to the President for taking time out, to grieve with the family. I believe that it is his best intentions na pagbatiin lahat… I have to make it ano ha, napaka-humble ng Presidente, it wasn’t in an arrogant way. He was holding both my elbows, napakalambing, looking straight to my eyes,” she said.

She said it was Ang’s presence that lit the fuse for the free-for-all.

“[Ang’s daughter] said kung puwede umalis muna sila Nicole at ’yung mga kapatid niya, dahil parating si Gretchen at si Atong. Bigla na lang lumuha [si Nicole]. Apo siya. She had more right in the wake,” Marjorie said.

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“Tapos siyempre napapahiya siya sa aming lahat, kasi very present si Atong sa lahat ng family gatherings namin in that almost five years, as the boyfriend of Nicole. Napapahiya rin naman si Nicole na papasok silang (Gretchen and Ang) magkasama. Parang sampal na sa pagmumukha niya ’yon. It was not the place to do that,” she added.

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