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Fewer Filipinos Rate Themselves as Poor πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

Fewer Filipino families considered themselves poor in the past three months, according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

The poll, conducted from September 27 to 30 among 1,800 Filipino adults nationwide, showed 42 percent of families or about 10.3 million households considered themselves poor.

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A mother and her children rest under their house in Baseco Compound in Manila. The number of Filipino families who consider themselves poor in the past three months fell, according to the latest survey of SWS.

This is lower than the 45 percent or about 11 million families in June.

The 3-point reduction in the national proportion of self-rated poor families in the third quarter can be attributed to decreases of 6 points in Metro Manila, 6 points in the rest of Luzon and 3 points in Mindanao. There was a 4-point increase in Visayas.

The same survey also found that over 7.1 million families or 29 percent consider their food as poor.

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This is lower than the 8.5 million families, or 35 percent, who claimed that they were food poor in March 2019.

“The resulting 30 percent three-quarter average proportion of Self-Rated Food Poor families for 2019 is 3 points below the 33 percent four-quarter average for 2018,” the polling firm said.

Of the estimated 24.6 million total Filipino households, SWS said 13 percent or an estimated 3.2 million families used to be poor one to four years ago (“newly non-poor”),

and 15.7 percent or about 3.9 million used to be poor five or more years ago (“usually non-poor”).

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Meanwhile, SWS said 29.4 percent or 7.3 million families had never considered themselves as poor.

“These figures add up to the 58 percent of families, who consider themselves non-poor in September 2019,” SWS said.

Moreover, the polling agency said 5.6 percent or 1.4 million families used to be non-poor one to four years ago, and 5.4 percent or 1.3 million households used to be non-poor five or more years ago, while 30.7 percent (7.6 million families) have always considered themselves as poor.

“These figures add up to the 42 percent of families who consider themselves as poor in September 2019,” it added.

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During the same survey period, SWS also asked the opinions of Filipinos regarding self-rated poverty (SRP) threshold or the minimum monthly budget poor families need for home expenses in order not to consider themselves poor.

The median SRP threshold is what the poorer half of the poor need for home expenses in order not to be poor.

As of September 2019, the national median SRP threshold is P10,000. It fell from P15,000 in June 2019.

The SWS survey, conducted using face-to-face interviews nationwide, had sampling error margins of ±2.3 percent for national percentages, ±4 percent each for Balance

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Luzon and Mindanao, and ±6 percent each for Metro Manila and the Visayas.

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This article first appeared on The Manila Times via MSN.

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