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Baguio City is Home to the Most Honest Taxi Drivers in the Philippines

In a world where news of crimes such as robbery, snatching, rapes and killings bombard us everyday, they make us to believe that no one these days can be trusted. 

Surviving in this world is hard and many people people uses that as an excuse to do bad things in order to survive. These non-ending news of crimes make us question, are there people out there who still choose to live in an honest and right way despite the hardship they had in life?

Taxi drivers in Baguio are now making rounds of good news on social media of instances of being honest and trustworthy when it comes to returning valuable items accidentally left by passengers inside their car.

Passengers took to social media (Facebook) to extend their appreciation and give praise to taxi drivers who returned their forgotten belongings without asking any favor in return.
Some of these taxi drivers even go the distance to make a way to return a smartphone of a passenger that was left inside his car. Just lately, according to a Facebook post from a named Sofia Wisdom, Mr. Paul William a driver of taxi with plate number AAB 3571 was recognized because of his effort to find ways to return a smartphone he doesn't know how to operate.

The owner of the smartphone said she accidentally left her phone inside the cab. She tried calling the phone through her son's phone but it just keep ringing and no one is picking it up. They tried calling the phone and after two hours, someone answered and told her to pick her phone in a store located near her house.

Paul William finds a way to return a smartphone he doesn't know how to operate. Photo: Sofia Wisdom's Facebook account.

The reason why the Mr. William is not picking up the phone is because he doesn't know well how to operate such modern phone gadget.

Paul William finds a way to return a smartphone he doesn't know how to operate. Photo: Sofia Wisdom's FB account.

"The driver knew well that the phone was ringing but he's not knowledgeable to operate the phone, so he just left the sound disturbed his ears that long," Wisdom wrote. "He alleged that he went twice to our residence (as far as Tam-awan) expecting that someone would be up there at the gate waiting, but to no avail. What he did was to park his vehicle beside the store and let someone answer the phone for him," she added.

Wisdom commended the driver for his action including the passenger who found the phone and turned over it to William.

"May this dear manong be showered with abundant blessings for his deed. The phone is just an item which can be replaced, but his man is commendable whose act is to be cherished. My salute too to the young passenger next to my son." Wisdom praised.

Not only Mr. William's action is a testimony of Baguio City as home of honest taxi drivers. There are countless stories that have been told with the same incidence where passengers who claimed they were able to get back their lost items because of the effort of the drivers.

Baguio Cab driver returns forgotten belongings of an Australian businessman. Photo: Ace Estrada

In can be recalled that a cab driver from Baguio was awarded a full scholarship by an Australian who had left his valuable items inside his the cab. Because of his honesty, the Australian businessman also offers him guaranteed internship with an Australian company when he finish his course that could pay him with a starting salary of up to PHP 1.7 million per year.

Well, of course, we are not saying that only in Baguio that you can encounter honest taxi drivers. It is not the place that will make you a good person. Honesty is a moral attributes rooted deep in all human beings whether you are a taxi driver or not.

Telling stories of honest taxi drivers on social media to be shared with and read by others is a good thing. Recognizing and appreciating their efforts and good deeds will motivate them to become a model for others to follow.

Although they are not expecting any kind of reward or praise, they deserve our attention to keep them motivated and become a good example for others.

"Honesty is the best, the most noble, of all human values - and it is always deeply inspiring" a good food for thought for us to keep in mind.

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