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Kid Vendor Goes Viral for Balancing 3Boxes on Head While a Riding Bike

If you think balancing one box is hard enough, try balancing two more! That’s certainly a very difficult task, but one kid vendor in the City of Parañaque makes it look so easy!

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, a rather impressed Bruce Dolores shared a video and some photos of the boy. Balancing three boxes on his head, the kid vendor sped past them on his bike.

But the boxes on the boy’s head really got his attention – after all, balancing the boxes is already hard enough; doing it while riding a bike is truly exceptional.

“Share ko lang to mga paps, Sobrang nabilib ako dito. Kaya kinunan ko ng video – kaya niya nga i balance yong kakanin at yakult niya, Relasyon niyo pa kaya? swabe! Hahaha Galing!” Bruce wrote, definitely impressed by the kid’s skills.

Photo credit: Bruce Dolores / Facebook

“Pashare nalang po ng share, Para matulungan yong Bata Salamat. God bless!”

Just as Bruce was impressed by this kid, netizens also expressed admiration that he could do this. Moreover, others pointed out that the kid was also impressive because even at his young age, he is already helping his parents earn money.

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The boxes he balances on his head clearly showed the food items he is selling. There’s an ice box for the Yakult while the clear plastic boxes contained kakanin. Many netizens would love to buy from him, saying that it is nice when kids are ‘madiskarte sa buhay’ even at a young age.

Photo credit: Bruce Dolores / Facebook

Bruce was not able to get the kid’s name, but a netizen commented that the boy’s name is Mark and that he lives near Kassel Residences Moonwalk.

God bless you, kid! We hope that someone would provide you with something to strap your boxes to your bike so you would have a safer trip.

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