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Pacquiao & Jack Ma Team-up To Give Thousands Of Jobs For Pinoys

The fighting Senator, Manny Pacquaio is teaming up with Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma to establish a logistics and e-commerce hub in the Philippines.

This partnership could potentially lead to thousands of job opportunities for Filipinos. According to Pacquiao, he and Ma have been exchanging notes on how he could help the Philippines.

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He also gave emphasis on how Ma could help out the country in terms of job generation. Reports say that Jack Ma is set to visit the senator in his home town in General Santos within the year.

Based on an article from Philstar, Pacquiao said that ma wanted to build a company run and managed by Filipinos. He added that the pilot area for their partnership would be in General Santos.

Image from: Jinkee Pacquaio | Instagram

Adding to this, they plan to expand their reach throughout the entire Philippines. They also said that they would not stop until they reached their goal of providing direct jobs for thousands of Filipinos.

"This should directly benefit at least thousands of Filipino families and also provide livelihood for millions more in indirect employment" said Senator Manny Pacquiao.

Both Pacquiao and Ma had a passion to help out the poor because they both came from poverty. However, through there dedication and hard work, they managed to overcome it.

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The Senator then added that providing jobs for his fellowmen will not only help decrease poverty but help prevent crime as well.

Recently, Pacquiao got a chance to visit Jack Ma’s Paradise farm. Along with him were his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao, and several others on his team.

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