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Tulfo Face Off: Viral Crying Kid VS Security Guards Who Took His Fruits & Money

Thousands of netizens are angry at the Araneta Center security guards, previously identified as MMDA traffic enforcers, for taking four packs of fruits from a 12-year-old kid selling mangoes for a living. But it turned out these guys also got Php500 from the kid!

A team from Raffy Tulfo in Action searched Cubao for the kid, in hopes of helping the kid find justice against the security guards. It turned out that the barangay officials of Brgy. Socorro, Quezon City, were also quick on doing their job and had been able to find the kid.

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They were also able to identify the ‘traffic enforcers’ who turned out to be private security guards, not traffic enforcers.

During the investigation, it turned out the kid also lost Php500; the guards denied taking Php500 from the boy identified as Marlou “Jay-r” Duran Jr. but would later admit doing that when they met Tulfo.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Together with his father and barangay officials, Jay-r went to TV 5 and met with the security guards. Tulfo pointed out that these guys have big bodies compared with the small, frail kid, yet they did not think about the impact of what they will do to a mere child.

Tulfo was angry to learn that the kid is just 12 years old and had only studied in Grade 1 to help his parents, yet these guards took his goods.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

The boy said that he sells around 15 packs of fruits, valued at Php150 each, but the guards took four packs. They also got Php500 from him. Though they denied this at first, they finally told the truth.

Tulfo promised to help the boy file a case against the three and make sure they would not only lose their jobs at the Araneta Center, but to also make sure they lose their license as security guards

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Netizens could not help but laugh at how they knelt on their kneels in front of Jay-r, begging the kid to forgive them. It was a good thing that the kid and his dad decided not to file a case against the three, as long as they pay them Php10,000 for the goods and income they lost for the three days they were unable to sell.

Furthermore, netizens were truly impressed when they learned that the boy is not just a kind, forgiving young man but also a loving brother who quit school to earn money so his sisters could continue with their studies.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

When told by Tulfo that he would buy him clothes and toys, he also asked that his siblings also be given the same stuff. For Christmas gift? He asked for rice and food for the family. What an admirable kid…


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