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TV5 Camera Man Warns Us of Alleged Sale Modus of SM

SM is known to be one of the most locally recognized shopping malls in the Philippines. It is like a staple when it comes to cities to have one, even if it is just at grocery level. Even more recognizable is the word SALE that gives one visions of savings while being able to purchase the goods.

Yet supposed modus of the said shopping mall aroused as TV5 camera man, Arnel Tugade who was once hopeful for such a SALE of their local SM Department Store in Bulacan realized the truth behind these SALES conducted by SM.

Tugade recalled he was buying 10% less kitchenware in SM Department Store but when he was about to pay and having the cashier scan each product, he noticed that the original price was way lower than the promo price.

In his Facebook post he wrote a simple computation that backs his realization,

Photo source via Facebook / Arnel Tugade

“Promo price:
Serving Bowl P79 less 10% = P71
Original price: P63

Photo source via Facebook / Arnel Tugade

Promo price:
Tumbler P42 less 10% = P38
Original price: P34”

This means that there was a 20% raise on the original price before the SALE discount was applied, thus making one spend 10% more rather than saving 10%.

Other than this disappointing revelation of SM’s trickery, it was also dissatisfying that the complaint that Tugade filed on the matter was in totality disrespected.

Complaint Raised

Photo source via Facebook / Arnel Tugade

As he was at the cashier and realized the “errors”, he raised it against the clerk but all person behind
the register could do was state that she was just an employee assigned to compute.

Tugade then approached the merchandiser who defended himself by stating that it was just a complete “error” on the price tag.

The TV5 camera man had enough and complained to the Deparment Store manager RC Finez who  insisted him to just pay for what he bought, but eventually Finez changed his mind when Tugade said the law states he is only obliged to pay for the lowest price.

With his complaints seems to reach nothing, he then wrote a letter to the Management of SM about the insident that the both the manager and he signed.

When he asked for a copy though, Finez forwarded him to the Customer Service of SM where he met the Manager of Customer Service Ladylyn Bayubay.

He claimed that no concrete solution

Photo source via Facebook / Arnel Tugade

After explaining the details of the incident and asking for a copy from the lady manager, in a whim
Bayubay ripped the letters to shreds in front of Tugade.

The customer service manager’s actions didn’t falter Tugade’s will to bring this to justice, he said he still needs to report this and let the higher-ups of SM know about such a scheme. Sadly, Bayubay told him off by “advising” Tugade to complain online instead at SM Customer Care.

It would make one wonder what kind of “care” would SM impose, such disrespectful actions of these employees must reflect the circumstances of the company behind the mall.

Tugade’s complaints reached nothing even if he was forwarded to multiple managers. He was left with the only option he had left, publicize and warn people about it and hope to God that no one falls prey to this alleged modus on SM SALES.

Read full post here:



Magingat sa mga PROMO/SALE ng mga department store partikular ang SM DEPARTMENT STORE dahil sa halip na makatipid ay mapapamahal at mapapaMURA ka.

Kanina napadaan ako sa SM SJDM sa Bulacan, naingganyo akong bumili ng display nila ng mga kitchenware item na less 10%.

Photo source via Facebook / Arnel Tugade

Pero ng babayaran ko na at i punch sa pos machine ng cashier ang mga presyo ng mga item na binili ko ay nagulat ako na magkakaiba ang lumabas na presyo.

Lumitaw na mas mataas ang presyo ng promo kumpara sa original price ng mga binili kong item.

Promo price:
Serving Bowl P79 less 10% = P71
Original price: P63

Photo source via Facebook / Arnel Tugade

Promo price:
Tumbler P42 less 10% = P38
Original price: P34

Nang punahin ko ang cashier tungkol sa magkakaibang presyo ng mga item sinabi ng kahera na hindi daw nila kasalanan at taga total lang daw sila.

Pinatawag ng kahera ang merchandizer ng nasabing produkto.

Agad na dumipensa ang merchandizer at sinabing nagkamali lang daw ng lagay ng tag price.

Photo source via Facebook / Arnel Tugade

Pero hindi tag price ang aking pinupuna, kundi ang bar code na kapag iniscan sa pos machine ng cashier ay lumalabas na P34 lang ang presyo pero sa kanilang tag price ay P42.

Ibig sabihin pinatungan nila ng 20% ang original price na P34 kaya naging P42 saka nila nilagay sa PROMO/SALE na less 10% para lumabas na P38 na mataas parin ng ilang porsiento sa original na presyo.

Sa makatuwid maibibenta nila ang produkto ng mahigit pa sa original na presyo kaya walang SALE o PROMO na nangyari.

Malinaw na panloloko ang PROMO o SALE kuno ng SM Store sa SJDM Bulacan.

Inireklamo ko sa Dept. Manager ng SM na si RC FINEZ ang nangyari, noong una ay pilit nyang pinababayaran ang halaga ng item na naka display.

Pero nagbago ang kanyang disisyon ng sabihin ko na ayon sa batas kung ano ang pinakamababang presyo na nakalagay ay syang dapat na masunod.

Gumawa kami ng complaint letter para iparating sa SM Management ang nangyaring insidente na kapwa namin pinirmahan.

Pero nanghumingi na ako ng kopya ng complaint letter ay hindi na nya ako binigyan at sahalip ay dinala ako sa Customer Service ng SM.

Nakaharap ko si LADYLYN BAYUBAY na isa sa Manager, matapos maiparating sakanya ang mga nangyari at ang paghingi ko ng kopya ng complaint letter.

Nagulat ako sa kanyang naging disisyon na punitin na lang ang aking complaint letter kaysa bigyan nila ako ng kopya.

Bagamat nasunod ang itinatadhana ng batas na ang masmababang presyo ang dapat na masunod.

Iginiit ko na kailangang maiparating sa kinauukulan ang nangyari para hindi na maulit sa iba ang aking naranasan sa PROMO o SALE ng SM Store.

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Sa huli nag abiso ang manager na si LADYLYN BAYUBAY na magreklamo na lang daw ako Online sa Customer Care ng SM."


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