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Young Filipino Inventors Create Device that Converts Noise to Electricity Wins International Award

Filipino high school students made the country proud after bagging an international award for inventing a device that converts noise to electricity.

A team of Grade 11 students from the Philippine Science High School-Western Visayas Campus won the silver award in the Young Investors Challenge 2019 in Malaysia for creating The Sound-Light or “S-Light” that generates electricity from noise.

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The young inventors — Kirsten Dianne Delmo, Nico Andrei Serrato, Joecile Faith Monana, Frelean Faith Engallado, and Raphael Francis Dequilla — who call themselves “Team Voltage 5”, said in a report that their concept isn’t new anymore but it has yet to be fully explored and applied.

Costing only ₱200, mostly spent on capacitators, the gadget allows sound waves to be processed as electrical energy which will then be stored in a power bank.

Image by Nico Serrato via Facebook

Using this inexpensive device, rural communities would be given access to electricity, which is scarce in many places in the country, the young scientists said in a Manila Bulletin report last October 22.

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The students further said that when their invention is placed in an airport “where sound intensity reaches up to 140 decibels”, the device “can generate enough electricity to light a 5 watt LED bulb throughout the night.”

Image by Nico Serrato via Facebook

The young scientists expressed that their invention is their way of giving back to Filipino communities for the gift of education.

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