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Duterte tells Pinoy Athletes: Kill drug suspects

President Rodrigo Duterte urged Filipino medalists in the recently concluded 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games to kill suspects in his controversial war on drugs.

Duterte issued the remark during the ceremonial turnover of checks to the medal-winning Filipino athletes in Malacañang on Wednesday.

“Kung may lumapit sayo na may droga, patayin na lang ninyo ‘yan pero ‘wag sa may maraming tao, sikreto lang. Ganun mo lang yan, tapos lakad ka, according to him.

The President also discouraged them from pursuing a career in politics.

“Someday if you become politician. Gusto niyo tumakbo ng Presidente? ‘Wag. Basta ako ‘wag, unless you want to steal and get rich and become overnight billionaire,” he added.

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This article first appeared on Politiko.

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