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Mr Bean Impersonator Stuck In Wuhan Refuses To Leave In Case He Spreads Coronavirus (Video)

Actor and Mr Bean impersonator, Nigel Dixon, 53, looks the spitting image of Rowan Atkinson and after flying to the coronavirus-ridden city of Wuhan on holiday prior to the deadly outbreak, now says he is “safe and happy” to stay there as he does not want to come home and spread it to others.

Nigel has even started a mini-series documenting his life in Wuhan amid the outbreak which has racked up over 5.5 million followers.

The show is named “Mr Pea” and follows Dixon as he negates daily life in Wuhan.

Packed full of humorous skits, the Mr Bean double has brought light and positivity amid a very dark time in Wuhan.

Images via Mr Pea

From Felixstowe in Suffolk, Nigel landed in Wuhan back at the beginning of the new year to see friends to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Despite many Brits deciding to return home as news of the outbreak grabbed the media spotlight, Dixon decided to stay put and was not aware that the British government had urged all British citizens to leave China.

Images via Mr Pea

“I don’t think anybody needs to be scared of getting infected as long as they take preventative measures”, says Nigel.

“We are one global family. We should support one another and support China”.

Images via Mr Pea

Keeping things sunny, Nigel spends his time singing to his teddy toy while playing his guitar.

Just like Mr Bean.

Teddy features heavily throughout much of the comic’s sketches if you were wondering.

Images via Mr Pea

In another mini feature he shows how he protects himself by washing his hands and disinfecting his clothes when he gets home after a day’s adventures.

Some would argue Dixon is being irresponsible in his refusal to head back to the UK – putting his own health in jeopardy but others would argue his efforts to contain any potential spread are noble.

Images via Mr Pea

This comes after pupils at Cottesmore St Mary’s Catholic Primary School were told today they should remain at home after it was revealed that two of its teachers feared they had caught the deadly disease from businessman, Steve Walsh, 53 who is thought to have infected at least 11 people across Europe and the UK over the past two weeks.

The dad of two, from Hove, East Sussex is now in quarantine in London’s Guy’s Hospital after becoming infected at a conference in Singapore last month.

Images via Mr Pea

Speaking from hospital whilst remaining in quarantine, Mr Walsh said: “I would like to thank the NHS for their help and care – whilst I have fully recovered, my thoughts are with others who have contracted coronavirus”.

“As soon as I knew I had been exposed to a confirmed case of coronavirus I contacted my GP, NHS 111 and Public Health England”, he added.

Globally, more than 1,000 people have died as a result of contracting the virus with more than 43,000 confirmed cases.

The total number of infected people in the UK has doubled in the past 24 hours to eight with Brighton now considered to be at the heart of Britain’s coronavirus crisis.

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