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3 Asian Celebrities Die at Age 36 in 3 Days

Social media is abuzz over the eerie timing of the deaths of Ashina Sei, Oh In-hye and Alien Huang, who all died at age 36, within three consecutive days.

Sei Ashina: On Monday, Japanese actress Sei Ashina was found dead from an apparent suicide inside her Tokyo apartment.

  • Ashina’s brother discovered her body after she failed to respond to his phone calls and messages. 
  • In a statement, her management confirmed the “sad and unfortunate” news of her death.
  • It also asked the public to grant her family and loved ones privacy as they grieve her passing. 

  • Ashina, who started her career as a model, made her acting debut in the 2002 television series “The Talk of Happiness.” 
  • She has since starred in over 70 acting roles on films and TV shows, according to IMDb.
  • Outside Japan, she is most known for her role in the 2007 film “Silk.”
  • Her death is still under investigation.

Oh In-Hye: On Monday evening, Korean actress and YouTuber Oh In-hye passed away reportedly due to a cardiac arrest in a hospital in South Korea. 

  • A friend of In-Hye’s discovered her unconscious body at her home in Incheon.

  • She was soon rushed to the local hospital where she underwent emergency procedures.
  • “We have found no reason to suspect murder and there were no signs of intrusion into Ms. Oh’s house,” a police spokesperson said of a cause of death. 
  • In-Hye began her acting career in the 2011 film “Sin of A Family.” 
  • She also appeared in the films “Red Vacance, Black Wedding,” 2014’s “The Plan” and the television drama “539 Yeonnam-dong.”

Alien Huang: On Wednesday, singer, actor and media personality Alien Huang (aka Huang Hong-Sheng) was also found unresponsive on the floor of his apartment in Taipei.

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  • Huang’s father discovered his dead body after being unable to reach his son over the phone.
  • The cause of death remains unclear and the investigation is still ongoing.

  • According to Taiwan’s state Central News Agency (CNA), an autopsy report will be released on Friday, CNN stated.
  • Huang is a former member of the Japanese-based boy band HC3, 
  • He also appeared in multiple films “Din Tao: Leader of the Parade” and “Mysterious Incredible Terminator.”

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