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Angry netizens remind Bam Aquino of Noynoy and Cory’s bloody legacy

Proving once again adage that says, ‘you can lead your relative to the senate but you can’t make him any smarter than a rock,’ Former Senator Bam Aquino was b*tch-slapped by angry Filipinos with the truth about his own family’s bloody history against people who protested against their interests.

This after Aquino, who was elected primarily on the strength of his being the cousin of the former president, just had to open his mouth and give a statement on the violent dispersal of rallyists in front of the U.S. Embassy.

“What I saw in the video… is far from the Philippines that I know and love. Our country has a history of protest and allowing dissent, not only as a means of expression but as a means to come to genuine solutions.” – Bam Aquino

In response to his shortsighted and self-serving version of Philippine history, angry netizens reminded Aquino that the administrations of both his aunt and cousin were marred by much more violent, and deadly clashes between the police and protesters.

“Oh really, Bam Aquino? Where have you been? Did you forget the Mendiola, Hacienda and Cotabato Farmers? They were massacred, and dont worry... The difference this time.. There will be justice for the victims,” said Jean Deanielle.

And from Cristopher Balbuena...
“Sen. Bam Aquino, what timeline are you referring? If it is last admin, I think you should redefine what you “know and love” because it has problems too about rallyists. To cite one: Rice farmers of Kidapawan (you know and love?), Hacienda Luisita Farmers (you know and love?). If you’re in shock about the recent incident, I’m still in shock at your insensitiveness to the past issues (with PNoy and Hacienda Luisita).”

Others, like Dash Digdigan Mendoza called Aquino a hypocrite for ignoring the acts of his relatives...
“Ah... The hypocrisy of Bam Aquino... Where were you when the government attacked farmers in Kidapawan when they rallied because no help was being extended to them during the El Nino Crisis? Tsssss.”

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In order to help jog the memory, and hopefully the delicadeza of Aquino, we are providing details and links to the events cited by the commenters.

Mendiola Massacre

Also called Black Thursday by some Filipino journalists, was an incident that took place in Mendiola Street, San Miguel, Manila, Philippines on January 22, 1987, in which state security forces violently dispersed a farmers’ march to Malacañang Palace.

Until now, family of the victims of the Mendiola Massacre continue to seek justice and farmers continue to fight for their cause. PHOTO: LUIS LIWANAG

Thirteen of the farmers were killed and many wounded when government anti-riot forces opened fire on them. The farmers were demanding fulfillment of the promises made regarding land reform during the Presidential campaign of Cory Aquino, and distribution of lands at no cost to beneficiaries.

Kidapawan Rice Rally

For three days from March 30, 2016, thousands of farmers and their supporters blockaded the Davao-Cotabato Highway in Kidapawan, North Cotabato. A day before prior to the road blockade, 500 farmers protest in front of the National Food Authority Office in Kidapawan to air their grievances.

A POSTER demanding charges be filed against policemen who opened fire at the rally of farmers in Kidapawan City is displayed during a protest rally by militant groups at the Department of Justice. RICHARD REYES/INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

The demonstration ended violently with at least three deaths on the side of the protesters and a total of 116 injured on both sides after the police dispersed the mass action.

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Hacienda Luisita Massacre

On 16 November 2004, twelve picketing farmers and two children were killed and hundreds were injured when police and soldiers dispatched by then Labour Secretary Patricia Santo Tomás, stormed a blockade by plantation workers.

The protesters were pushing for fairer wages, increased benefits and, more broadly, a greater commitment for national land reform.

Farmers and farm workers barricade and occupy the Central Azucarera de Tarlac inside Hacienda Luisita compound. Jes Aznar, 2004

Workers carry off body of murdered comrade, November 16, 2004. Video shots courtesy of SIPAT, via Bulatlat.

All of these incidents, which resulted in at least thirty deaths and scores of injuries, have not been resolved.

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