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Chinese People Eat Human Baby Soup to Improve Health & Boost Sexual Performance

Some Chinese people are known to be eating babies, and the news, which has been circulating through the internet and via email, is shocking the world.

An email report received by The Seoul Times confirmed that news with several vivid and appalling pictures of human embryos and fetuses being made into a soup for human consumption.

The report went on that a town in the southern province of Canton (Guangdong) is now in focus. Chinese folks there are enjoying baby herbal soup to increase overall health and stamina and the power of sexual performance in particular.

Photos showing a man preparing a baby fetus and then proceeding to eat it.

The cost in Chinese currency is approximately US$4,000 (which is about PHP 203,590).

A factory manager was interviewed and he testified that it is effective because he is a frequent customer.

It is a delicacy whereby expensive herbs are added to boil the baby with chicken meat for eight hours.

He pointed to his second wife next to him. She is 19 years old.

The 62-year-old man testified that they have sex everyday.

After waiting for a couple of weeks he took the reporter to the restaurant when he was informed by the restaurant manager that the spare rib soup (local code for baby soup) was now available

A human baby is dumped into the water for boiling in China.

This time, a couple who already has two daughters decided to abort the child after receiving confirmation that it was another girl.

The baby was already five months old.

Those babies who are close to be born and die naturally costs 2000 in China currency. Those aborted ones cost a few hundreds in China currency.

Those couples who did not want to sell dead babies, placentas can be accepted also for couple of hundreds.

One local reporter was quoted as saying that this is the problem arising from Chinese taking too much attention in health or is the backfire effect when China introduced one child in a family policy.

This heinous crimes rise from the fact that majority of Chinese people prefer to have male babies and the poor families end up selling their female babies.Dead babies can be purchased in Taiwan for 70 US dollars for being used as grilled delicacies.


While we want to give China the benefit of doubt that the general public does not eat baby foetuses, there is however, some proof i.e. pills containing powdered human flesh.

Photo: Capsules filled with powdered human flesh seized by Korean customs (Korea Customs Service)

South Korean customs officials recently seized thousands of pills filled with powdered human baby flesh arriving from China. Since August 2011, South Korean officials have intercepted more than 17000 pills smuggled from China.

South Korean officials became aware of a horrific practice of eating aborted fetuses after Seoul Broadcasting System showed a documentary on Chinese doctors who performed abortions and then ate the foetuses. One Chinese doctor on the documentary took out foetuses from his refrigerator.

This is ground baby powder which tests discovered is 99.7 per cent human last year. South Korean officials have stopped 17,000 dead baby pills being imported since last August

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This article first appeared on The Seoul Times.

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  1. Hope they get wiped out from that Corona virus. It'll do the world good.

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    This shouldn't be allowed....this is even an evil thing....😱😱😱

  3. I feel estranged in this documentary, I really confirmed that human can eat human also, and in the first I only knew that it was not possible but nowπŸ’”

  4. Just What the Hell is happening to those peoples?!

  5. Canibal all than Can eat They Eat (Damn Chiness)

  6. If a person can abort her real child, then she can do anything else we term evil inhestantly. This is the product of a broken humanity��

  7. Heartless human / beast. . Hell is reserved for them..

  8. They are like monster and evil in this world!!!!

  9. Entah apa yang merasuki mereka sampai berbuat seperti...
    Tidak ada lagi yang namanya berprikemanusiaan...asli memang kanibal...

  10. Kanibal,,,anjriiit,,china lanchaw chibay lu olang,,,pantes azab Tuhan turun pada kalian...

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  12. Welp they maybe horrible cause they are eating babies what do we do with them? Where do they go? In the garbage ? All I’m saying is they are consuming what they made and look at the electronics they made that we buy every 6 months. If they like it I love it just don’t feed it to me🀷‍♀️ I know I sound stupid to you but it just an opinion cause if you look at it, if you’re not a vegetarian then you eating someone’s babies and mother. Chicken cows goats poor ox tail

    1. Fk up jump off a bridge dumbass

    2. Totally agree with you! Humans who 'find this disgusting' are simply ignorant, self-righteous & have no moral compass. I believe the Chinese should not be criticized for the consumption of human foetus, when every other Country consume baby piglet's, baby sheep, dairy calves 12 weeks young, taken from their Mother's so humans can drink Cow's milk, male chicks on mass, dropped alive into mincing machines, Race Horse foals that "won't cut in Racing" sent to slaughter, Every Bull, Cow, Pig, Goat, Horse etc, are IVF forced impregnated on a Rape Rack (Google it people), here in Australia - all our Animals are mass produced, mass suffering. We humans are just Animals, & if humans want to eat meat, IVF foetus or like the Chinese, Naturally formed foetus is simply just meat. I notice everyone on this site is "unknown" - too childish, emotionally immature & obviously Racist against China. I have one point, the Maoris, Fijian's, the Papua New Guinean, the Tongans etc, were/are also Cannibals, Captain Cook was eaten by Pacific Islander's. For the record, it is not illegal to eat Dogs or Cat's in Australia, or any other Animal, Globally, Agricultural Animals have no rights, so why should Humans? For those on this site - put your name where your comments are, I have, because I'm comfortable in my opinion.

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  14. Orang kanibal karena keterbatasan pengetahuan yg memang demikian habit atau custom mereka. Seiring kemajuan jaman, hal ini akan ditinggalkan. Zaman jahiliah saja ada yg membunuh bayinya,tapi bukan utk dimakan. Ini zaman now, org yg tega dan mau melakukan ini, tak ada lagi kata terburuk yg sepadan utk mereka ini. Hanya tunggu saja azab Alloh SWT.

  15. omfg could you check your sources!?
    these are photos of an avant garde art exhibition. the sinophobia in these comments is digusting.

  16. Typically vegan bullshit. If you know one you know them all.


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