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Barretto Sisters’ Feud: Claudine admits slapping Marjorie at Dad’s Wake

The plot thickens in the Barretto sisters’ feud.

Claudine, the youngest of the Barretto sisters, confirmed reports that she slapped her sister Marjorie after supposedly provoked her by pointing a finger at her and bringing up her mental health issues at the wake of their father Miguel.

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“Sabi niya (Marjorie), ‘I’m not the one who goes to a psychiatrist. I’m not the one who’s crazy. She’s taunting me,” Claudine recalled in an interview Tuesday night on dzMM.

“Ano yun, tino-taunt mo lahat ng tao na may mental illness? Dahil lang lumabas ako na may anxiety disorder? Tinotaunt mo ko? (What, you taunt people with mental illnesses? Just because  I have anxiety disorder, you’re taunting me?),” Claudine said.

Claudine and Marjorie Barretto / Photo from PEP

She added that she laughed off Marjorie’s provocation,  but snapped the moment her sister pointed a finger at her.

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“Tapos nakaupo ako nun e tapos sabi niya, ‘What? Lalaban ka? Lalaban ka?’ So tumayo ako. Sabi ko, ‘Oo lalaban ako.’ Tapos, alam mo yung parang dinuro sa ulo? Dinuro niya ako sa ulo (I was sitting when she said, ‘What? You want a fight?’ So I stood up and said, ‘Yes, I will fight.’ That’s when she pointed a finger to my head).”

“Ayon na, sinampal ko siya. Sinampal ko siya talaga. Nagsabunutan kami (I slapped her. I really slapped her. We pulled each other’s hair),” Claudine recounted.

She explained that it was her “instant reaction” because her children were also present at the wake.

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“Kasi wag mo akong gaganyan ganyanin. Instant reaction ko yun eh. Hindi sa gusto kong mambastos ng mas nakakatanda sa akin. Wag mo akong gaganyanin lalo’t nandoon ang mga anak ko (Don’t do this to me. That was me instant reaction. Not because I wanted to disrespect the elderly. Don’t this to me especially when my children are around).”

The eldest Barretto sister, Gretchen, earlier showed a video of the altercation at their father Miguel’s wake in the presence of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Claudine and Marjorie Barretto / Photo from ABS-CBN News

Claudine then took to social media to say she was hospitalized due to bruises and dizziness after she and Marjorie had a scuffle of their own.

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