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Raffy Tulfo invites Barretto sisters on his program to resolve feud

Broadcaster Rafael “Raffy” Tulfo invited Gretchen, Marjorie and Claudine Barretto on his radio program “Wanted sa Radyo” to have them settle their differences amid the issues revolving around them.

The sisters have been the talk of the town after a scuffle broke out between them at the wake of their father, Miguel Barretto. The sisters have since continued their feud with a word war on social media.

Tulfo extended the invitation to the sisters yesterday, Oct. 23, after he was asked about his opinion on their feud, as seen in a video on his YouTube channel on the same day.

The question about the Barretto sisters’ feud came after his co-host Sharee Roman said that news of Gretchen following the broadcaster on Instagram has gone viral online.

The beautiful Barretto sisters (L-R) Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine became involved in another controversy, at no less than the wake of their father Miguel Barretto. But this development is no longer unexpected in a family feud that has kept the public riveted for at least 15 years.

Tulfo first pointed out that fights between siblings are natural, and that quarrels take place between many siblings. He added that fixing their feud would not be simple since many have already tried to have the sisters mend their issues but have failed to do so.

“Hindi naging successful dahil malalim yung pinag ugatan ng problema,” Tulfo noted.

(They were not successful because the problem’s roots run deep.)

Tulfo then invited the three sisters to come to his show to help them solve their feud. He said they could air their frustrations out on his program, but after they talk, he would want them to make up with one another, especially since Christmas season is nearing.

“Lalo na nabalitaan ko na yung father pala nila yumao na, alang alang na lang po sa yumao niyong ama na I’m sure minamahal niyo po lahat yan,” he added.

(Especially since I found out that their father has passed away already, for the sake of your late father who I’m sure you all love.)

“Welcome na welcome kayo rito (You are very welcome here),” he said.

Marjorie and Claudine have each taken to separate news outlets to clarify their sides on the issue. Meanwhile, Gretchen has flown to the United States, but has continued to take to social media to address claims that Marjorie made during her recent interview with Karen Davila.

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