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Filipinos gain visa-free entry to South Korea starting 2020

Good news for Filipino travelers! Starting in 2020, South Korea will welcome tourists from the Philippines even without a visa.

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the Ministry of Justice announced on December 12 that the government of South Korea’s “Plan for Promoting Foreign Tours” will allow Philippine passport holders to enter the country, visa-free.

The government program will allow tourist groups to enter airports in inland areas, such as Seoul, Incheon, and Busan, for up to 5 days without a visa, as long as their final destination is Jeju Island.

In the Pinoy Seoul report on December 15, Daisy Bangalan Dimacali revealed the government plan as part of their “Economic Policy Direction” that will be fully announced in December.

Naganeupseong Folk Village is a fortress village from the Joseon Dynasty era (1392-1910) in Suncheon, Jeollnam-do Province. In 1983, it was designated Historic Site No. 302 by the government. Credits to

The New Visa-Free Program will cover the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia

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The Jeju area visitors visa-free program is one of the three ways to enter South Korea that was announced by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in November. Visa-free entry can also be gained by tourists in transit to third countries or by foreign transfer passengers.

South Korea is a popular travel destination for Filipinos amidst the ever-increasing patronage of Korean pop culture, with even Broadway star Lea Salonga exchanging fan tweets with Korean star Lee Sung Kyung.

Tourists flock to the famed Haedong Yonggung Temple in South Korea. Credits to Korea Clickers.

Korean Dramas (K-Dramas) have been adapted either with subbed audio in Filipino or remade into local versions such as the Descendants of the Sun.

The Koreans are loving the Filipinos back as they have been named by the Department of Tourism as the top-ranking tourists in the Philippines.

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Filipino actors have also been awarded in South Korean festivals, among them, Filipino actors Alden Richards and Dennis Trillo who were awarded the Asian Star Prize at the Seoul International Drama Awards and Maja Salvador who was named Best Actress at the Busan International Film Festival’s 1st Asia Contents Awards.

The 1st Korea Pinoy International Film Festival was held this year and marked the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between South Korea and the Philippines.

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  1. Thank for the visa free.. sana totoo to

  2. kulang naman 5 days kung mag jeju pa.. 1 week na sna

  3. I want to see the country but not a national park. I don’t want to go to Jeju Island. now what do I do?

  4. 5 days ay kulang na kulang, Sana ginawa manlang 7 days. Papano kong ayaw mo pumonta sa Jeju Island?

  5. iwant also try to visit that place,how

  6. This is great news perhaps its more than a news if the other side "North" will be one of this and be nice"United"

  7. It's good that the government of South Korea ha given the Filipino citizen to chance to travel via-free in the country. Although the time given is only limited it's better than how it was before since you'll have to wait for the embassy to approve your visitor visa.

  8. Yeaah ok na ako kahit 5days atleast may 5days kahit man lang sa busan punta lang aq dun at magpa picture dun sa riles ng trainπŸ˜‚

  9. Di pwedeng di ka pupunta ng jeju island kasi un na lang pinakaassurance nila na di ka mag-TNT.. isla ba naman eh

  10. This is to inform you of the Jeju Group tourist visa system for Filipinos; which is said to take effect on 2020.

    The visa-free system, which is scheduled to be tested on the first half of next year (2020), is for group tourists who have scheduled flights to enter Korea with the final destination of Jeju Island (using domestic flights).

    Therefore, individual tourists are not eligible. And only group tourists with certain requirements will be given these benefits.

    (ex. for Chinese passport holders, the visa-free entry system has been given only to group tourists with designated tour agencies.)

    Currently there is no final decision on matter and it will be further discussed with the related ministries in Korea until February 2020.

    We will notify you as soon as the details are finalized.

  11. kulang ang 5days tsaka mas mahal magagastos mo pag mg jeju kpa...kuha nlang kayo ng visa anyway d naman mahirap magkuha ng visa..


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