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ABS-CBN Executive took ₱1-Million from its Foundation and gave it to Ateneo Alumni Group: Ex-Kapamilya Employee Bares

If you've donated money through ABS-CBN foundation in the past, your money might have been used not intended to its original purpose.

In an explosive interview on TAMBAYAN SA DWIZ, former Kapamilya Network news director Jay Sonza revealed how one executive took ₱1 million from the coffers of the network's foundation, according to an article original written by The Asian Policy.

Sonza, together with Mel Tiangco, was a former news anchor in the Kapamilya network and was one of its earliest executives.

In the interview, Jay Sonza revealed that when the huge earthquake shattered Nueva Ecija and Baguio, the foundation received billions of pesos from donors and that the TV network never took any cash from its own coffers to extend any help.

Every peso that ABS-CBN gave came from private individuals and companies.

"Kaya nung umalis kami sa Abs-Cbn, yung pera ng foundation, bilyones. Bilyones yan puro donations at walang perang galing mismo sa ABS," Sonza revealed.

Sonza went on and detailed how the TV executives allegedly used money from ABS-CBN Foundation to build a new building and buy cars.

"Tapos nagpatayo sila ng building sa kanto ng mother ignacia, dun ako umangal sabi ko bakit kailangan galing sa foundation yung ano... kung kami nga kung kumukuha ng gamot galing sa Lingkod Bayan ay binabayaran pa namin, eh kayo magpapatayo pa ng building na may helipad," Sonza said.

Gabby wrote Ateneo a ₱1-Million cheque

One of the most shocking details he revealed was Ateneo's alleged benefits from the Kapamilya network's charity arm.

Sonza alleged that a certain Gabby took ₱1 million from the foundation's coffers and gave it to Ateneo Alumni Association.

"Pagkatapos nung nabalitaan ko, bumili daw sila ng mga sasakyan. Service daw para sa Bantay Bata. Sabi ko hindi naman yan ang pinaglalaanan ng mga taong nagdo-donate. Tapos nadulas pa yung taga accounting, sabi pa sir may tseke kaming pinalabas kahapon 1 million, donation daw ni Gabby sa alumni association ng Ateneo. Sabi ko bakit kayo pumayag? Sabi lang nila eh sila may-ari ng foundation eh," Sonza added.

But Gabby who? Did he mean Eugenio Gabriel López III or more publicly known as "Gabby Lopez", the now chairman emeritus of ABS-CBN Corporation, the largest entertainment and media conglomerate in the Philippines?

Gabby was heavily involved in the daily operations of his father's business during his tenure as chairman of ABS-CBN Corporation.

But why did Gabby give Ateneo, one of the priciest if not the priciest universities to go to in the country, one million pesos? He was donating money to the already wealthy members of the association?

That remains a mystery.

Shocked with Sonza's explosive revelations, the hosts quickly quipped that the executives might have committed serious violations there not and broke the trust of the public.

Jay Sonza then urged the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to conduct a thorough investigation regarding the matter.

Sonza also cautioned the public for believing the propaganda that ABS-CBN is spreading right now about the services they have rendered to the Filipino public.

ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc. (previously ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.) is the public service arm of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, one of Asia's biggest media conglomerates. It draws on the relationship to tap into the creativity and reach of media for its various programs.

These are in child care and protection, education, environment, disaster management and community development.

AFI serves with the highest standards of excellence, professionalism, integrity and accountability.

If what Sonza revealed were true, ABS-CBN certainly have broken its promise to the Filipino public and have been playing us all along.

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