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Selecta’s new transparent ice cream tubs save Filipino kids from disappointment

Picture this: you're a kid growing up in the Philippines, dreaming of indulging in some sweet, creamy ice cream. You dash to the freezer, your heart racing with anticipation, only to discover a cruel trick played on you - instead of ice cream, you find some fish or yesterday's leftovers staring back at you from the ice cream tub.

Although repurposing ice cream containers displays our culture's cleverness, it has left a mark on countless kids who were fooled by their contents.

This horror story has haunted kids for generations, until now! Netizen Angelo Jose has revealed the secret to saving future generations from this dessert disappointment. Selecta ice cream tubs now come in transparent containers, so you can finally see what's inside without any surprises. No more fishy business or leftover letdowns, just pure, unadulterated ice cream bliss!

Di na tayo malilinlang. Selecta na nag-adjust. Edit: since nagreax and share na rin po kayong lahat, Pa like and...

Posted by Angelo Jose on Sunday, April 16, 2023

“We will no longer be deceived. Selecta has adjusted for us,” he joked, posting a photo of the brand’s Double Dutch variant — and the swirls of vanilla and chocolate that can be seen through the container’s transparent bottom.

The photo had the internet on fire.

“Aw, now they took away the thrill of opening the lid,” one commenter joked.

“They should do the same for butter cookie cans,” one said, referring to the round tins that usually hold shortbread cookies. “Too many sewing kits already.”

“Selecta knowing what needed to be done,” another quipped.

“Why is there ice cream in the fish container?” One joked.

Guess it’s time to retire those ice cream pranks on TikTok, now.

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