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Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds: Which is Better? Here’s What Pinoys Should Know

The engagement ring is one of the most significant items to "stress" over when you're ready to pop the question. And with the popularity of lab-grown diamonds, which are less expensive and may be mistaken for genuine ones with the naked eye, it might be tempting to choose the less expensive option to declare your love.

Despite having a similar appearance, the two have a number of significant distinctions that go far beyond their disparities in terms of price. What you should know about natural versus synthetic diamonds is as follows:

1. A Million-Year-Old Natural Gem vs. Artificial Beauty

Natural diamonds are the product of nature's exquisite handiwork over MILLIONS of years, as opposed to lab-created diamonds, which are generated in, well, labs (and are actually more frequently mass-produced in factories currently)! The synthetic equivalent can be produced in a matter of days using either high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) or chemical vapor deposition, which uses graphite to replicate the formation of diamonds on earth.

Because of this, artificial diamonds just cannot compare to the sparkle, fire, and stunning brilliance of genuine diamonds, which has made them so enticing to people throughout history. Additionally, since more recent diamond pen tests can distinguish between lab-grown and natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are now easily detectable.

2. Unique Stories vs. Mass-Produced Ones

There are no two love tales that are exactly alike, right? The same is true of diamonds; like fingerprints, each and every one of them has distinctive qualities that are frequently unseen to the human sight. What makes diamonds so unique is that it's like clutching your own star! In contrast, manufacturers simply produce diamond substitutes in large quantities, without giving them a special backstory or personality beneath their rugged appearance.

3. A Symbolic Legacy vs. Common Antiques

Everyone is aware that natural diamonds increase in value over time, making them a wise investment option that may serve as more than simply a glamorous ornament. However, it can also gain in emotional value, like when a family heirloom like your diamond engagement ring is handed down through the centuries.

4. Questionable Convenience vs. Ethical Choice

Lab-grown diamonds aren't always environmentally beneficial, despite what the public perception is. Their energy usage can actually rival the mining of natural diamonds in terms of carbon emissions, unless they're created using renewable energy (which only a few are); in contrast, mining corporations are now working to attain carbon neutrality for their mining operations.

Modern diamond mining techniques offer career opportunities that are safe, high-quality, and well-paying in remote areas of the world where employment opportunities are scarce. Employees are even given extensive training to develop practical and transferable skills that go beyond mining, as is the case in Botswana, which has had exceptional success using its diamond resources for national development, making it one of the wealthiest nations in Africa.

In addition to this, initiatives to promote women's empowerment have been put in place to enhance gender equality within diamond mining workforces, with women being included and participating even at senior levels. By purchasing natural diamonds, you may be proud that your purchase helps the environment, the development of the nation, and the welfare of the people — "blood diamonds" are a thing of the past!

5. Divine Power From The Stars vs. Man-Made Stories

Despite popular belief, real diamonds have long been linked to heavenly phenomena and are thought to have magical properties that could bring good fortune, protection, or even healing. You can tap into this magical and archaic link by purchasing a natural diamond engagement ring, which will give your union a good energy boost and a cosmic resonance. Man-made diamonds, on the other hand, wouldn't have the same intrinsic connection to the universe as natural diamonds, so you'd be missing out on that.

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