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Video: Hundreds of Men Break Into An All-Women’s College To Molest & Sexually Assault Students

In an incredibly horrific incident that befell an all-women’s college reported by India Today, a group of men gatecrashed a cultural festival that was filled with women, with the intention of sexually assaulting them.

Occurring in Gargi College, which is one of the most prestigious colleges to be located in New Dehli, the scene unfolded as a group of men were filmed trying to scale the college gates.

In the video, which has been circulating social media ever since the incident happened, men can be visibly seen climbing into the closed gates of the college while female students gathered for their college’s annual culture festival.

According to students of Gargi College, the men who scaled the gates of their campus weren’t students from other colleges, but rather middle-aged men who seemed completely drunk.

“There were drunk, middle-aged men harassing us, molesting us and masturbating at us… I was groped thrice by a group of men inside that crowd and when I screamed they laughed…”, one student said.

Another student who spoke to India Today anonymously also recalled seeing trucks that were transporting groups of men to the college, before they managed to break into their campus at around 4.30 pm that day and molested the female students present.

What’s worse is that apparently during the whole episode, their school’s own security authorities did absolutely nothing to stop the men from molesting and assaulting the female students! Instead, they merely watched on as more men started filling the campus grounds. How awful!

Hundreds of Gargi college students gathered to protest against the February 6 mass molestation incident. (Photo: India Today/Tanushree Pandey)

“The college had hired bouncers for security. The security personnel were also standing right there and watching it all. My friend, who was molested, rushed to a security guard and pleaded him for help but he did not move,” another student mentions.

Students have since held protests against their college for not protecting them from instances of sexual crime, especially given the obvious breach of security and complete neglect by their own security staff. It is said that the New Dehli police have already detained 11 people associated with the case.

It is unclear at this point as to whether more will be arrested, but the matter has since sparked a huge social media debate over Twitter, with many wondering how an all-women’s college could allow something like this to happen.


We hope that those who are responsible for these crimes are held accountable for them!

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