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‘No Naked Photos like Marjorie’: Gretchen Barretto slams sis as she speaks up on ‘relationship’ with Atong Ang

Gretchen Barretto continued to speak up on rumors about her after her younger sister Marjorie Barretto went on national TV and claimed to speak the truth about Gretchen’s wrongdoings toward their family. The tell-all was broadcast on Tuesday, Oct. 22, on news show “TV Patrol.”

One of the allegations Marjorie made against Gretchen is that the latter “stole” their niece Nicole Barretto’s rumored boyfriend, gambling businessman Atong Ang. Gretchen responded by stating that it is her sister Claudine who had Ang “stolen” from her by Nicole.

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Pictures of Gretchen and Ang have resurfaced online, including one that showed her leaning on Ang as they slept on a flight, as well as a photo of the two at an airport holding hands while seated in a plane.

Gretchen, 50, took to Instagram Stories yesterday, Oct. 23, to address the insinuations made by those sharing the pictures. Besides defending what supposedly happened in the pictures, she did not elaborate on her relationship with Ang.

Sisters Marjorie and Gretchen Barretto continue their online mud-slinging. Image: Instagram/@marjbarretto, @juansarte

She said that she was “unaware” when she was snapped sleeping on Ang. “I crossed a bit over a bit much,” she reasoned. “It is clear I was asleep on a plane ride.”

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She also said there was “nothing wrong” with the pictures of them together at an airport and on a plane. Gretchen added: “Fully clothed, no naked photos like of Marjorie Itchie-very.”

Image: Instagram/@gretchenbarretto

“Itchy-very” has been Gretchen’s jab at Marjorie, who finally admitted in the same news interview that politician Recom Echiverri is the father of her youngest child, Erich. As for the “naked photos,” Gretchen was referring to the controversial private pictures of Marjorie that circulated in 2013.

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Gretchen shared the pictures of the sex scandal and put them above a picture of Marjorie with her kids, with the caption “well-raised.”

Image: Instagram/@gretchenbarretto

It seems to be a reference to Marjorie’s daughter Julia, who said in an Instagram comment on her mom’s post, “They are trying to destroy you, because you live a good life with 5 strong successful well raised (sic) children, a family that loves you so much, a peaceful quiet life.”

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Meanwhile, Ang said in a statement to ABS-CBN News on Sunday, Oct. 20, that he and Gretchen were business partners in casinos and cockfighting. He described his relationship with Nicole as someone who would arrange his schedule. He said he and Claudine got to know each other because he helped her with a personal problem.

Businessman Atong Ang (extreme left) on alleged affairs with Nicole Barretto (second from left) and her aunt Gretchen Barretto (extreme right): "Kung nagkahiwalay kami nila Nicole walang kinalaman si Gretchen." Atong also clarifies his relationship with Claudine Barretto (second from right).

“Kung nagkahiwalay kami nila Nicole walang kinalaman si Gretchen (If Nicole and I separated, Gretchen had nothing to do with it),” he said.

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